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Meet Ken Code, Chief Science Officer at BioLargo Water, Inc.

BioLargo Water is made up of numerous talented individuals working toward a common goal, building a disruptive, affordable water treatment system to impact countless industries. Behind the scientists and engineers of our R&D team is Ken Code, the Chief Science Officer of BioLargo. Ken is the inventor of the Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) and the innovator behind nearly every BioLargo patent and technology to-date, and an intrepid entrepreneur. Ken has worked, one way or another, in chemistry since the mid-sixties, and is an enthusiastic teacher for every intern and student that comes through BioLargo Water’s doors. I’ve interviewed Ken about his role at the company, and transcripts of that interview can be found below. This is the first in a series of posts, which we’ll produce over time, introducing the people behind BioLargo water, including engineers, scientists, management, and even students.

Q: What was your first experience with research (to the best of your memory)?

Ken Cod…

Biolargo Water Joined by Leading Researchers Across North America

It takes an enormous amount of time, money, and talent to carry a new technology from concept to commercialization. To surmount these hurdles, we engaged brilliant, hardworking university researchers across the continent. The result? We’ve created the most ground-breaking water treatment system in recent memory, the AOS, which is looking to disrupt countless water markets in ways that some of our largest competitors cannot dream.
              How did we get here? A substantial amount of AOS R&D was done by BioLargo Water’s own science staff, but a good portion of it required specialized equipment, niche research expertise, and years of arduous work, so we took a collaborative strategy. We fostered an extensive network of leading researchers across North America to further our research goals using world-class equipment and techniques. Much of this is attributed to Dr. Richard Smith, President of BioLargo Water with a keen eye for R&D talent. Under his guidance, w…

Welcome to the BioLargo Water Blog!

Welcome! You've found yourself on the blog of BioLargo Water, a life sciences company dedicated to developing uncompromising water treatment technology. Here you'll find updates on the research and development efforts of BioLargo Water, insights into the science behind the company's Advanced Oxidation System (AOS), articles on pressing water treatment issues, and highlights of our wonderful science and engineering staff. In short, this page acts as a means to connect the R&D team at BioLargo Water with the stakeholders interested in its success.
BioLargo Water is the developer of the Advanced Oxidation System (AOS), a revolutionary water treatment platform conceived to deliver incredibly high water disinfection and decontamination rates while consuming very little electrical energy. The goal of the AOS is to provide a powerful, reliable water treatment system for applications where other treatment systems are either prohibitively costly, or are unable to eliminate certa…