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Water Risks in Canada

Clean water is becoming increasingly scarce the world over, spurring on the advancement of technical solutions like our Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) to help enable water reuse and recycling. At BioLargo Water's laboratory space and offices in Edmonton, AB, the looming threat of fresh water scarcity can seem quite distant, with the North Saskatchewan River flowing fast and clean through the city and the recent years of steady rainfall. The reality, however, is that clean water scarcity is closer than most people in the city realize (both in terms of time, and geographically).

A recent story published by CTV News reports that the Northern Canadian cities like Iqaluit, Nunavut, might soon run out of clean water, an effect attributed to rising average temperatures in the North due to climate change. The Apex River, which provides Iqaluit's fresh water, is projected to have reduced flow by the year 2024.

This trend has inspired many researchers to develop and advocate water re-us…

Meet the BioLargo Water Team

The BioLargo Water research and development team met for a weekly lab meeting on Friday, and it happened to be a (rare) warm and sunny day in Edmonton, AB. The company R&D team is comprised of hardworking PhDs and MScs and undergraduates in a variety of fields, including chemical engineering, environmental engineering and microbiology.