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BioLargo's 3D Printer Hard at Work

Check out BioLargo Water's 3D printer hard at work! This bad boy is making us a bespoke mixing tool for use the mixing tank we use for water to be treated by the AOS in the lab. Our in-house 3D printing expert Carter can fabricate objects you wouldn't believe with this thing!

BioLargo Spotlight: AOS and SAGD Water Grant

Re-posted from Hello again from Edmonton, this is BioLargo Water Senior Research Scientist Dr. Parastoo Pourrezaei. Today I want to bring you some information about what I believe is one of our most important development areas for the Advanced Oxidation System (AOS). As you may know, the AOS is a powerful water treatment technology with great potential to bring cost-efficient and reliable water treatment to diverse market applications, and this includes oil and gas water treatment and reuse.  Within oil and gas water treatment, there exists a very important application: the treatment and reuse of water produced in steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) operations, a process commonly used to extract bitumen from oil sands. In this process, steam is injected underground to enable the extraction of bitumen from the formation, and as a consequence of this, a significant amount of contaminated water is produced, which we refer to as SAGD-produced water. Nowadays, ther…

BioLargo Spotlight: Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) Versus Waterborne Viruses

Re-posted from Hello, my name is Dr. Laura Patterson-Fortin, lead for BioLargo Water’s disinfection R&D team in Edmonton. My team has previously reported many exciting results using the AOS for water disinfection. In today’s blot post, I hope to inform our shareholders and followers of some really positive recent results we’ve achieved in virus disinfection, and to share a little bit on how and why we choose to use viral surrogates for our studies, namely Bacteriophages T4 and MS2.  First, the results! You may have read in previous disclosures that our AOS consistently eliminates about 4 logs (or 99.99%) of Bacteriophage MS2 from water, which is more than a sufficient level of virus disinfection for most target water treatment applications. We’re proud to say that because of physical improvements to our AOS, we’ve increased our MS2 disinfection performance rate to 6 logs (or 99.9999%), which is effectively a 100x increase in performance. This is terrific ne…