BioLargo Water Tour at EPCOR's Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant

Recently, scientists from BioLargo Water were fortunate enough to enjoy a private tour at Gold Bar, Edmonton’s largest wastewater treatment plant. Gold Bar is owned and operated by EPCOR, Canada’s oldest municipally owned utility company, and is one of Canada’s largest Class IV wastewater treatment plants. This tour was an excellent opportunity for our junior scientists to learn, in-person, about the operation and challenges of a large wastewater treatment plant.

The Gold Bar plant has a capacity of 310 million liters per day and serves a population of around 1 million people. Its treatment process consists of pre-treatment in grit tanks, sludge separation in primary clarifiers, breakdown of dissolved organics in a biological treatment process, and tertiary treatment using UV disinfection before discharge into the North Saskatchewan River. The whole process takes 18 hours!

At BioLargo, we intend to offer our Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) as a tertiary treatment for wastewater treatment plants like Gold Bar, replacing UV disinfection – with our lower energy cost per unit of treated water being the principle value proposition.

Gold Bar staff were awesome – they were friendly, helpful, and educational during our tour, and we look forward to the possibility of working with them in the future! 

Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant


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