BioLargo Spotlight: AOS Stormwater project

BioLargo Spotlight: AOS Stormwater project

This is BioLargo Water President, Dr. Richard Smith, bringing you news of an important upcoming study we at BioLargo Water will be executing in collaboration with the University of Saskatchewan and the City of Saskatoon. We’re very excited about this project, as it offers us a unique opportunity to prove, in a real field setting, that our Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) can solve an important water treatment challenge: stormwater.

This project, which is funded in part by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada, will see a pilot-scale AOS system treating real stormwater collected from high-flow sewers in the City of Saskatoon, SK from real storm events. The study will allow BioLargo Water to prove that the AOS is a powerful and cost-effective solution for the treatment of stormwater across Canada and the US. Our AOS has already been proven effective against a wide range of problematic contaminants relevant to stormwater, including bacteria, viruses, and organic contaminants, and we are confident the AOS will make short work of Saskatoon’s stormwater.

As the issue of water shortage grows more and more grave across many parts of the world, stormwater is becoming an increasingly important topic for regulators and technology providers. In many places in Canada and the US, the treatment and reuse of stormwater has the potential to provide an economical and environmentally friendly solution to mitigate water shortages. This is why we at BioLargo Water see it as imperative that we assess the AOS’ ability to help address this application.

In addition to being an important environmental and water management challenge, stormwater treatment is also a large market that is expected to grow significantly over the coming years. According to a report by the Water Environment Federation, the stormwater treatment market in the USA alone accounts for $6B USD annually. This fact, combined with the high degree of investment in innovative stormwater treatment technologies by government agencies and private investors, makes stormwater treatment a highly attractive market for BioLargo’s AOS technology.

What is a BioLargo Spotlight?

It’s an exciting time at BioLargo. We’re moving fast, and it can be difficult to keep our stockholders and the investing public informed of our progress. In light of this, we will be posting a series of short articles titled “BioLargo Spotlight”, highlighting certain business activities and other important information in between our required SEC filings. Of course, these do not replace our public filings, which contain more complete information than can be delivered in this forum, and thus we urge you to carefully read and rely on those filings for definitive information, and to review our risk factors and caution regarding forward-looking statements. We are optimistic about our business as we work hard to continue to grow and ultimately generate profits for our stockholders.  

Legal Disclaimer

Our attorneys remind us that while we believe these developments are important and that these small victories could add up and lead to big victories, at this stage they do not rise to the level of an official material disclosure. As the size and magnitude of these developments become material, we will naturally report that information in an 8-K and our regular SEC filings.


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