Video Showing Coagulation and Flocculation!

Today we bring you a neat little demonstration. Senior BioLargo Research Scientist Dr. Parastoo Pourrezaei has been refining a process to reduce the amount of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in poultry industry water before it gets treated by the AOS - this ensures the AOS performs optimally in its important job of eliminating bacteria and organic compounds from the water, and ensures the AOS requires as little maintenance as possible.

This demonstration in the video below shows the coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation of TSS particles in test jars. In this way, Dr. Pourrezaei can select the ideal coagulation/flocculation regimen for optimal pre-treatment prior to AOS water treatment.

In this case, she is testing a variety of different metallic coagulants! The sedimentation took place over 18 minutes following the coagulation/flocculation step (the video is sped up).

Processes like this are nothing new to the world of water treatment science, but it's crucial that they are optimized for individual technologies and products (like the AOS) by hard-working scientists like Dr. Pourrezaei.


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